Weekly Tech Notes #18: Consistent Hashing

🎬 If you’re too lazy to read the articles below, this video is for you. It’s a short and concise explanation of what Consistent Hashing is and how it works.

📚 This week I decided to focus on Consistent Hashing. I’ve been hearing about this topic for a while now, but I never really found the time to dig deeper. Consistent Hashing is an important algorithm used to horizontally scale and manage distributed systems. It is usually explained in the context of sharded systems, but it can be applied in many other scenarios, like load balancing, routing algorithms and more.

  • Consistent Hashing Explained – An omni-comprehensive article on consistent hashing. It covers the basics, common hashing strategies limits and why consistent hashing works well. It also covers data structures used, optimizations to the standard algorithm and real-world scenarios.
  • A Guide to Consistent Hashing – An explanation with simple examples of what consistent hashing is, focusing more on the theory part rather than the implementation of the algorithms implied.