About me, myself and I


Hi, I’m Alberto! 👋

I’m a Senior Software Engineer with almost ten years of experience in the field, currently working at commercetools, a world leader company in headless commerce.

I’ve been working with Scala for about seven years, and I’m a big fan of the language. I’m also passionate about functional programming, trying to apply it as much as possible in my daily work.

I have working experience with Python and Go as well. Rust is on my radar and I’m planning to try it soon.

I like dancing Latin music, playing escape rooms and travelling the world (who doesn’t like it?!). Other hobbies include trekking and photography.

In 2021 I completed the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage, starting from León and walking more than 330km in 15 days. It was an amazing experience, and I’m planning to walk the complete path in the future.