Weekly Tech Notes #8: Resilience is key

Today’s video is about Netflix’s architecture evolution.

The main takeaway we should stick in our minds is that the architecture of our business should be tailored to its needs, not the other way around.

In addition, we will read about resilient systems through retrospection and load shedding with a pinch of hashing on top.

  • Resilient Systems Through Retrospection – Ryan Peterman highlights three insightful questions you need to ask every time you join a retrospective on past incidents: how can we detect and mitigate problems faster? How can we prevent them from happening again?
  • Using load shedding to avoid overload – The goal of load shedding is to keep latency low for the requests that the server decides to accept to limit timeouts. With this approach, availability is only partially affected. Amazon implements this in different ways.
  • Validating or verifying emails – Following last week’s article, Mark Seemann tries to explain why emails verification doesn’t fall under the validation umbrella.
  • Hashing – A visually clear introduction to hashing.

Enjoy your weekend! 👋