Weekly Tech Notes #5

Hello again! 👋

Today we start with something new: I’ll try to embed a video in every notes post, forcing me to watch a talk every week. It’s more valuable than just including GIFs. 😄

In today’s talk, the author designs a new API in Rust and forces its correct use through the type system.

But now, let’s go with the usual articles!

  • Writing Python like it’s Rust – In the same vain as today’s talk, this article shows how to write more robust and less error-prone Python code by exploiting its (fake) type system.

  • Thundering Herd Problem – Thundering Herd is a famous problem in a cached system. When a herd of users request an entry missing from the cache within milliseconds, then your system will suffer. This article describes the issue, embeds a video showing the problem in action, and highlights possible solutions.

  • Migrating Netflix to GraphQL Safely – Netflix is closing the loop (or at least I am) with its series of articles about migrating critical traffic with no downtime. Here they migrate to GraphQL by applying what we learned in previous weeks.

  • Embracing Simplicity in Software Architecture Diagramming – In one of my previous posts I mentioned the C4 model as a simple hierarchical way to describe the architecture of a software system. Here the author adopts a similar approach, but potentially goes down N layers, depending on the system’s complexity.

Goodbye! 🤙